Since the town was founded the Pinjarra Railway Precinct has played a significant role in the history and economy of Pinjarra, and has sentimental attachment for many Pinjarra residents. Despite this, the cost of maintenance and a lack of overall direction had led the Precinct to fall into disrepair. When we were engaged, the Precinct was largely underutlised aside from a few emerging community groups.

In close proximity to Pinjarra CBD, the Shire of Murray’s strategic planning identified the Precinct as a critical space to support the future tourism and economic capabilities of Pinjarra. While the Shire had some general ideas about what the Precinct might offer the CBD (small scale business, community focused organisations, tourism) they required our services to engage with stakeholders, conduct a business viability assessment on prospective functions and develop a masterplan for the sites arrangement.

The Shire needed strong guidance on how to approach the revitalisation of the Precinct. While the Shire new site had lots of potential, they were unsure how to progress or what goals they should pursue. Our expertise would be essential to identify a potential program for the space, ensuring it was economically viable and sustainable.