At PLACE Laboratory we believe that the public realm is the stage for life.

When the public realm is designed well, the combinations and possibilities of life’s acts are infinite. The interplay between buildings and open space sets the stage.

We do not advocate design for designs sake. We believe the role of the designer is to interpret the cultural underpinnings of a society and to give life and meaning in three dimensions to the physical form of space. Spaces, which are engaging, meaningful, delightful, walkable, welcoming, attractive and vital.

To be effective in attracting and holding people, three aspects are crucial: the physical appearance, the uses and the narrative of the place. A beautiful place attracts people, a buzzing place attracts people and a meaningful place attracts people. Places need to be safe, technically sound, environmentally healthy and function smoothly. However, it is the first impression that gets people’s attention, triggered by beauty, buzz and meaning.

Places that exhibit the qualities of good design have great social, economic and environmental value. They bring positive tangible results that are increasingly being recognised by the urban development industry. Strong destinations, accessible, well connected and with a distinctive quality, enhance the sense of belonging, safety and security. This attracts many and creates the potential to offer higher returns on investment.

Our approach is underpinned by these core values:

/ Places for people

Creating lively places where people connect and communities develop.

/ Unique narrative

Discovering the story to inspire people and guide design.

/ Fresh ideas

Designs that surprise, trigger a smile, and reinvigorate people.

/ Technological innovation

Continually identifying opportunities to apply best practice in what we do and how we do it.