The Edenvale Heritage Homestead and surrounding Precinct is an award-winning historic area in Pinjarra, Western Australia. Through internal strategic planning the Shire of Murray identified the Precinct would play a critical future role as a cultural precinct for a projected population of 27,000 by 2050.

The Shire of Murray engaged our place planning services to develop a vision for the Precinct supported by quick, medium and long-term activation initiatives to support cultural inclusiveness, wellbeing, cohesion and aspirations of the diverse local community.

The Shire of Murray wanted to ensure the Precinct played a more active role in the economic outcomes of Pinjarra, to support and connect with tourism and local businesses. However, many of the existing stakeholders held concerns the Precinct may lose its character and become over commercialised.

The Precinct holds a special place in the mind and hearts of Pinjarra locals and neighbouring communities, and we needed to ensure stakeholders were brought on the journey and encouraged to consider the long term direction of the Precinct, while still recognising their needs and contributions in the present. As the project started at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we had to totally readapt our stakeholder engagement methodology, particular due our elderly reference group that were not all technologically savvy to contribute via online workshops.

The result of our process was a rich understanding of the factors and influences impacting the Edenvale Precinct and an approach that led to substantial and ongoing improvement. This project provided the various user groups who call the Edenvale Precinct home, different stakeholders and the wider community the opportunity to be a part of and inform the future identity, story, activity and direction of the Edenvale Precinct to enhance the community and visitor experience.

Older woman showing young girl a quit on a sewing machine.
Photography: Sarah Coote


2022 PIA WA Commendation category – Community Wellbeing and Diversity