Approximately 50% of the ACT is nature reserve and 70% open space, however, these green spaces are often out of reach of city workers and residents. While the city has abundant open space, many of them are under-utilised, if used at all. Micro parks are a small scale intervention of landscape, furniture and amenity, bringing immediate benefits to the community without excessive expenditure or a long approval process.

We were engaged by Transport Canberra City Services to develop a feasibility study and concept designs for a series of micro parks across seven neighbourhoods in Canberra. A design guide was also prepared to illustrate the place assessment methods, community engagement process, design requirement, application and so on.  The local communities and stakeholders were engaged since the early phase of the project.

The key objectives of the micro park program are:

  • Foster community interaction.
  • Support local businesses and promote economic vitality.
  • Encourage active travelling and active living.
  • Explore new models of improving and managing public space.