The Belmont Park redevelopment project shapes the peninsula of the Swan River into a bustling new precinct. PLACE Laboratory were tasked with designing and delivering the landscape that would tie all the new towers together, and define the style of the district. PLACE laboratory had previously delivered a Place Framework for the area in which zones were defined to act as ‘rooms’. Because the timeline of the project is many years, it’s important that this framework would be implemented into the landscape and streetscape design, setting the tone for all future development.

A strong narrative was able to be created through the rich history of the area. Oyster shell farming, Noongar fish traps, a deep horse racing tradition and historic aviation milestones are all refined into elements carried through the site. A new method of concrete seeding and construction has been invented to achieve a stunning red stone shell pattern across the road; acting to join the spaces and not be separated by a road.

The central public square, the ‘Lawn Room’ acts as the heart of the development, creating large areas to kick a footy, have food markets and lounge on the beach touching the Swan River. This area serves to provide amenity for the entire precinct, and is designed to a high level of finish. This includes detail in custom made furniture, arbors and a play space created by Concreto artist, Simon Gauntlett.

A large mature transplant Fig tree anchors the town square, with a flush road treatment creating a shared space across the avenue. In order to balance the scale of the large towers and podiums being constructed afterwards, elements to the human scale was required to secure the sense of belonging. This is achieved through the Fig and the custom designed arbors.

To bring the river to the development, a large variety of native planting is incorporated into the landscape, with new large trees being river species. A discovery trail runs along the river, allowing kids and adults alike to reconnect with the Swan River. Boulders and logs can be clambered across and trinkets of storytelling seek to inform of the rich history. Along the promenades, distinct rooms are defined and act as private moments to sit, reflect or eat and celebrate.