The Jurien Bay CBD Urban Design Plan is a guide for future development opportunities. The Shire of Dandaragan engaged PLACE Laboratory to plan a vibrant, liveable centre that achieves high utilisation and functionality, addresses community and business needs, and attracts visitors and future investment. The Plan sets the framework for redevelopment as private buildings reach the end of life, and it relies on everyone having a role to play in shaping the future success of their town centre.

The CBD is currently divided into four distinct areas. The southern CBD centred around the IGA, Civic Centre buildings are typically inwards facing passive street frontages. The central CBD is fenced chiefly off and tenanted by the Caravan Park. The northern CBD area has a mixture of local and tourism-focused businesses. The area contains outward-facing shopping strips built from the 60’s to the 90’s and looks onto a carpark. Despite being framed by Pioneer Park on the southern edge, the businesses are not well connected to the park. Most businesses face away from Andrews Street, creating a hollow centre. The northern edge is mainly light industrial structures consisting of large sheds, workshops, and vacant blocks with potential market-driven medium and long-term redevelopment possibilities as the town grows.
The Urban Design Plan is the formulation of many short, medium and long-term actions. It will rely on ongoing engagement and support from local property owners and businesses to succeed.