Shifting the mode at Curtin University

Shifting the mode at Curtin University

Curtin Central has opened with the start of the Semester 1, 2019. The bus station is a major capital investment as part of the University’s commitment to shift transport mode. The design is a demonstration of how a place-led approach can be used to solve urban planning problems, creating not only a positive culture, but a rethink of public infrastructure as places for people.

Curtin Central is a product of two parallel planning studies jointly prepared by PLACE Laboratory and Arup for Curtin University. The first being the Curtin University Vehicle Management Plan and the second titled the Cycle Access Management Plan. These were later merged into an overarching framework known as the Curtin University Integrated Transport and Movement Plan 2017.

The plans have led to a financial commitment to implement strategic transport-related projects.  Initial ‘Quick Win’ actions were implemented to effect an immediate mental shift towards prioritising pedestrians on campus. This was followed by significant capital investment in infrastructure.  Recently completed projects by PLACE Laboratory (in conjunction with ARUP, Coniglio Ainsworth Architects and Pritchard Francis)  which have benefited from major capital investment include the recently opened Curtin Central, Creative Quarter Bike Hub and the Northern Gateway and Thresholds.

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