Seating at Curtin JCC Completed!

Seating at Curtin JCC Completed!

Curtin University’s primary civic and ceremonial space has recently undergone a landscape upgrade that includes the addition of two large seating elements that frame the central open lawn area.

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As part of an overall Place Activation Strategy at Curtin, the seating arcs provide passive activation to a space that would otherwise only be used for graduation ceremonies and other special events. The Curtin community can now use the space on a daily basis with opportunities to sit, lounge and gather with friends.

Positioned underneath the shade canopy of existing Plane trees these thoughtfully crafted furniture pieces have been designed and detailed in collaboration with furniture creative Alex Fossilo (Fosax) at a scale appropriate to the civic nature of the space.

The seat was constructed as a series of individual segments in Alex’s workshop and carefully positioned together on the sloping site at Curtin. Each element was envisaged as a singular arced gesture with subtle articulation along the length of the form to create variation in use from upright seating to areas of more relaxed lounging.

The drawings and images illustrate the design process through to completion including a time-lapse video link of the seats fabrication by FOSAX.


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