Following our highly acclaimed place making strategies at the Perth Cultural Centre with Fred Kent and Kathy Madden from Project for Public Spaces, we are excited about another wonderful project just completed for Curtin University.

Curtin Outdoor Cinema operated by Movies by Burswood

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With our friends and colleagues from PPS, TPG, Place Match, and Studio 53, we have taken another giant leap forward in our mission to create great places for PEOPLE.

Curtin University is planning to undertake a major project code-named Curtin City – which is a redevelopment of their Bentley campus premised on the concept of a ‘knowledge city’.  To achieve the long-term success Curtin deserves it recognized very early on that the existing academic core was in need of place activation in a big way.  Curtin is Perth’s largest university with over 45,000 students and 3,500 staff – so it knows how to do things properly.  The Curtin Place Activation Plan is a strategy prepared by our team to assist the University in implementing change over the coming years.  It identifies lots of ‘Quick Wins’ and longer-term structural changes to ensure its students engage with the spaces and places that make up this huge campus.

Some of the key strategies have already been successfully implemented with the first sign of change being the introduction of an outdoor cinema.  Bankwest Movies by Burswood have established an outdoor cinema at Curtin University.  This was a key idea generated by our team as an opportunity to invite more people on to the campus.  Another is the introduction of a farmers market and we understand that a fresh farmers market will be relocating to the University very soon. Once you engage with the community it almost takes on a life of its own!  It develops its own momentum and change can happen very quickly.

The University has embraced the document, which forms part of their capital works program over the coming 5 to 10 years.  We hope that you too enjoy reading it by following this link; Curtin Place Activation Plan.

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