Celebrating key ecological influences from the surrounds of Merredin.The Shire of Merredin engaged us to design and deliver upgrades for the CBD particularly in regards to celebrating culture, history and tourism. The objectives capture the key goals and desired outcomes for the concept design.

Through combining the three distinctive stories we were able to develop a design that celebrates components from each of the different narratives. The water story in Merredin is a unique and very specific part of the town’s sense of place and history. The many granite outcrops, waterways, land formations and flora and fauna within the region hold much cultural significance to the Traditional Owners and creates a Indigenous Narrative. Lastly, the existing colonial narrative and key features in Pioneer Park present an opportunity to be incorporated and celebrated in the new design to create a contemporary and immersive entry precinct to the broader CBD.


2023 IPWEA WA Excellence in Innovation Award – Standalone Reuse Water Irrigation System
2023 IPWEA WA Highly Commended Award – Best Public Works Project less than $2M (Regional)
2023 LIAWA Excellence Award Runner Up – Waterwise Garden
2023 LIAWA Excellence Award Runner Up – Cultural Significance