The landscaping approach at Knutsford aims to seamlessly integrate with Freo’s unique identity and careful consideration has been given to the natural topography of the site, local geology plus flora native in the area.

Some mature trees and the natural contours of the site have been retained where possible and native, waterwise landscaping including white gums and peppermint trees have been selected to capture the relaxed Australian vibe in every street.
The native trees will provide shade and complement the homes which have been designed as a contemporary interpretation of Fremantle’s historic architecture. The landscaping in the courtyards of each home will provide enjoyable places for residents to relax and unwind.
Recycled rammed earth walls will provide a unique feature throughout the development and a material which is synonymous with Freo’s natural geology and buildings – limestone – has been utilised as a key component in the landscape design.So much thought and consideration has gone into the landscaping design at Knutsford to en-sure the community simply feels like a natural extension of the local Fremantle