Merredin’s Pioneer Park Completed

We are delighted to see our designs come to life and be so well received in Merredin’s Pioneer Park.

We have worked closely with the Shire to ensure the narrative and identity of this iconic park is uniquely ‘Merredin’ right down to the fine detailing.

The careful curation of material and the local flora inspired concrete finishes are great examples of how form and function can be layered with narrative and history.

Pioneer Park is the first of a series of transformational projects PLACE Lab are delivering to enhance the Shire of Merredin’s culture, history and tourism and we look forward to sharing more progress over the coming months.

Thank you to our great team; the Shire of MerredinEngineering Technology Consultants/ETCTABEC Civil Engineering ConsultantsTerpkos EngineeringCADSULT IDS and The Artisan Co. for all your hard work to bring this vision to life.