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We Design Places Design Text

Our profile.

PLACE Laboratory is a leading design practice that places value on place, people and the environment.

PLACE Laboratory commenced when Landscape Architects Anna Chauvel and Shlomit Strum met over a decade ago working together on the Port Coogee redevelopment project. With an intuitive creativity, Anna was fascinated by the psychology of place-making, whilst Shlomit possessed an unrivalled attention to detail during delivery which made the two a formidable duo in designing iconic places.

They teamed up and formed PLACE Laboratory with the ambition to change the way design is approached, from instead of “designing for design’s sake”, to designing places for people. PLACE Laboratory was created as a laboratory for testing ideas on how to make places great, ones that attracted and engaged patrons, activated areas, and created their own place in history.

PLACE Laboratory’s aim is clear – to create a practice providing:

  • World-class knowledge leadership made relevant to the local market.
  • Intelligent and innovative design solutions.
  • Cost-effective operations provide direct financial benefit to clients.
  • Collaborative project delivery models focused on client outcomes.
  • Advice clients can trust and rely on.
  • Strong focus on sustainability
  • Effective project management systems.
  • Nationally recognised design excellence.