Prototyping In South Hedland!

PLACE Lab is excited to be working with the Town of Port Hedland and Town Team Movement to develop a concept plan for Wise Terrace in South Hedland. The project’s aim is to create a pedestrianised street using an Action Orientated Planning Approach to transform Wise Terrace. This involves a prototyping phase which will enable the development of creative, doable ideas with the community and stakeholders. These ideas will be tested during a trial to help achieve buy-in to positive change and ultimately inform more permanent solutions for Wise Terrace.

The PLACE team spent three days visiting the town of Port Hedland to capture and embrace the community’s vision of Wise Terrace revitalised. The team also met with various stakeholder groups and conducted a thorough site analysis which focused on paying close attention to the physical, cultural, and social identities that define the place. During the stay, key problems and opportunities were identified through engagement with the community in consultation. We were also given a tour around the town to identify improvements needed to reinvent and enhance the space to attract locals, visitors, and support businesses. We look forward to the next phase as these ideas get further developed, and ultimately to inform a more permanent solution for Wise Terrace.