Be Brave. Make Change.

“In the aboriginal worldview, everything starts and ends with country, no beginnings, and no endings, everything is a continuum and endless flow of life and ideas emanating from Country”. As landscape architects, we can learn from this or draw from this way of thinking that earth is our mother and…”we belong to country; it does not belong to us”. A. Page and Memmott, P. (2021). Design: Building on Country. Thames & Hudson.       

This week is National Reconciliation Week with the 2022 theme being “Be Brave. Make Change.” Aboriginal people have lived on the Australian continent for at least 65,000 years and non-aboriginal people have lived in Australia for just 230 years. As a practice, we are working towards an understanding of that fact, and how it might inform our relationship to the land, its original people, and the work that we do. We acknowledge that we still have a long way to go. Our studios are located on Ngunnawal and Whadjuk country in Canberra and Perth respectively.