Anna Chauvel


Anna has established herself as one of Perth’s leading landscape architects. She now leads the Canberra Studio as well as playing a key role in setting the design direction for PLACE Laboratory – ensuring clients’ visions are translated into beautiful and functional design outcomes.

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As partners in PLACE Laboratory, Anna and Shlomit share complementary skills that provide clients with an exceptional level of leadership, creativity and innovation.

Anna has extensive urban design and landscape architectural experience at a leadership level. Many clients consider her as the Vision Keeper, ensuring that the Vision and Values are integral throughout the design process.

Anna’s particular design focus is on the development of the public realm. Through her work she has developed a design process and methodology that seeks to express the cultural, social, ecological and historical references of a place within contemporary design outcomes.

She has worked with a wide range of clients including Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Curtin University, Department of Housing, City of Stirling, Education Department, Australand, Town of Kwinana, PEET, Cedar Woods, Mirvac, Brookfield, Lend Lease, and the City of Bunbury.

Shlomit Strum


Shlomit leads the Perth Studio. She has over 25 years experience delivering complex projects within Australia and abroad.

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As partners in PLACE Laboratory, Shlomit and Anna share complementary skills that provide clients with an exceptional level of leadership, creativity and innovation.

Shlomit has applied her practice-based interest in project management, planning and project delivery to many large-scale award winning projects for both the private and public sectors ranging from urban renewal, residential, resort developments and public open space.

She is a hands-on Director overseeing the management of the practice to ensure Client expectations are delivered both on time and within budget. Her rigour in managing teams, setting project direction and dealing with complexity ensures projects are run efficiently. Her ability to adapt to varying project demands, and environments have exposed her to all aspects of the profession from landscape assessment through to detailed design, documentation and on-site supervision of works.

Hans Oerlemans

Senior Associate

Hans is driven by passion for spatial design and a strong belief in collaboration: great projects are made by working together.

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Hans designs from the view that successful plans need a focus on the big picture and an eye for detail, combining visionary concepts with practical feasibility. Over the past 25 years, he has worked as an urban designer and landscape architect on a wide range of public realm designs, strategic plans and studies on spatial issues throughout Australia, Europe, USA, Asia and New Zealand. His design for the Afrikaander Square won the Dutch award for best public space 2005+2006. He led the master plans for public realm networks, urban precincts and districts, greenfield developments, innovative industrial parks, landscape revitalization and cultural heritage areas. Hans also conducted studies on topics such as suburb differentiation, economic-recreational landscapes, private clientship and traffic safety.

Prior to PLACE Laboratory, Hans worked for 17 years as a founding partner at OKRA landscape architecture (NL). He also worked for Peter Walker Partners (USA) and at RPS (AU) as Managing Landscape Architect.

Rob Grandison

Landscape Architect

Rob’s technical skills are balanced with a personal motivation to contribute positively to shaping people’s experience in the urban environment.

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Since graduating with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 4 years ago Rob has worked on a range of projects relating to Land Development, Urban Design, Visual Impact Assessment and Landscape Architecture. Rob’s experience includes environmental and visual impact assessments in the south west of WA, contributing to the design and graphic communication of regional park projects in the Pilbara, undertaking concept to construction documentation of Albany Town Square and most recently contract administration of Curtin Main Street Project and Mary Street Piazza. This is a demonstration of the breadth of his capabilities and his aspiration to be a well rounded landscape architect.

Nick Rose

Graduate Landscape Architect

Nick has a strong belief that well designed landscapes can have a positive social, economic and environmental influence on people and their community. This ethos, alongside his technical understanding underpin his design process.

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Nick is an enthusiastic and committed  landscape architect. He continually explores his passion for design and people by taking part in a variety of extra-curricular landscape-focused activities. One notable project was the design and construction of a pop-up minigolf course in the middle of Bayview Terrace, Claremont as part of the Form Prototype Festival.

After the completion of his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at UWA, Nick worked in a leading Queensland-based creative firm, with a focus on place-making, urban design and event spaces.

At PLACE Laboratory, he strives to continue to create meaningful places for communities.

Thomas Cunningham

Landscape Architect

Tom brings an enthusiasm for landscape architectural design and a passion to provide more high quality places. He combines design ability with technical consideration to facilitate people’s involvement with the urban environment.

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Tom’s desire to be a Landscape Architect was sparked while working as a contractor on the Urban Orchard in Perth. This experience provided him a solid foundation to develop  landscape technical skills with a sustainability focus.

During his university studies Tom was part of the student exchange program in Copenhagen where he gained a passion for high quality places. Upon his return to Perth he explored his new passion through his Honours project which aimed to facilitate people’s understanding of the Jurien Bay coastal environment through interactive design. Following his studies Tom was employed by Ecoscape where he worked closely with environmental scientists and restoration ecologists, giving him a great understanding of the benefit landscape system in the public realm.

At PLACE Laboratory he continues to apply his design and technical skill to provide high quality and environmentally restorative public places.

Melissa Soh

Graduate Architect

Melissa takes a strong interest in urbanism in the context of population growth and expanding cities. She has a proactive and hands on approach to learning and has worked in local architecture practices, the Australian Urban Design Research Centre as well as studied at international schools and participated in volunteer building programs.

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As a participant of the Osthang Project in Darmstadt, Germany, Melissa was part of a self-build activation project in the historic artist’s area of the city. From this experience, she developed an enthusiasm towards creating places to strengthen communities. At Place Laboratory, Melissa brings cross disciplinary skills in architecture, urban design and research.

Chun Wang

Graduate Landscape Architect

Chun enjoys the challenge of designing futuristic and speculative strategies that engage with context and place.

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With a bachelor degree of industrial design in ShangHai, China, he further immersed himself in the landscape design by completing a Master’s Degree at the University of Adelaide in Landscape Architecture.

As a participant in the Interdisciplinary Joint Urban Design Studio in Strasbourg ENSA, Chun had firsthand experience of the interface between urban design and sharing economies and economic creativity. At PLACE Laboratory, motivated by challenges of the urban environment, Chun’s enthusiasm and commitment to design and collaboration continues to develop and reinforce his range of skills.

Tom Lucy

Landscape Architect

Tom is passionate about designing spaces that contribute to the health and wellbeing of communities. He believes good design is a result of understanding the cultural, economic and environmental benefits of each individual project.

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Tom is motivated by a multidisciplinary approach to designing and continues to look for innovative ways to contribute to the public realm. Prior to joining PLACE laboratory, Tom spent time working in both Singapore and Australia working on a range of projects from large scale Urban Design to interactive audio-visual Public Artworks.

Tom has a specific interest in the use of lighting and audio in landscape architecture and is passionate about the possibilities of emerging technologies that can help contribute positive outcomes within the public realm.

In his spare time, Tom has worked with artists and designers to deliver commissioned Public Artworks and has had his work exhibited in numerous group exhibitions around Australia. Tom has also held a casual teaching positions in Landscape Architecture at the University of Western Australia.