James St Esperance Concept Planning

James St Esperance Concept Planning

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James St Esperance Concept Planning


Community & Stakeholder Engagement and Masterplan


Shire of Esperance


Esperance, WA

Esperance is a unique coastal town with a strong sense of community and historical ties. The James St Precinct, in particular, is an area of significant potential. PLACE Laboratory and Pracsys for the Shire of Esperance have been engaged to develop a plan to guide this precinct’s development to create a meaningful and thriving place.

We are working as a team to create a precinct authentic to the place and positively contribute to visitors and locals. Site understanding and stakeholder engagement are crucial to informing the development of the plan. Together we are synthesizing the big ideas from the community into a series of guiding principles for the James Street Cultural Precinct.

Testimonial from the Shire:

“Place Laboratory have been assisting with developing a concept plan to strengthen the James Street area of Esperance as a cultural and tourism hub. This project involves a number of competing community priorities, but Place Lab’s flexibility and adaptability have assisted to keep this project on track. We have been particularly happy with Walter’s ability to effectively talk to a wide cross-section of the community and Council to ensure everybody has the opportunity for input and are confident that the final result will be deliverable and great for the future of Esperance. ”  –   Shire of Esperance