METRONET Eastern Rail Infrastructure

METRONET Eastern Rail Infrastructure

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METRONET Eastern Rail Infrastructure


Urban Design, Place Making, Planning & Landscape Architecture


Collaboration with CAMPS Coniglio Ainsworth Architects, with MPS Architects




The Eastern Line Level Crossing Removal Project is a vital congestion busting METRONET Program relieving the bottlenecks caused by major road and rail intersections. Removing the level crossing will relink suburbs which previously divided communities, reduce travel times, increase everybody’s safety, and improve amenities for residents and commuters.

METRONET commissioned our team to drive the project from studies and stakeholder engagement through to final concept design and documentation and builds a strong foundation for the next project delivery stage. PLACE Laboratory is currently working collaboratively to develop a Landscape Concept Design that tests the Preliminary Place Plans previously done by other consultants and understands it is critical to get this stage right, to develop a design which is buildable within the constraints of existing operations and deliver value across the lifecycle while still meeting wider project objectives and deliver real benefits to communities. PLACE Laboratory primary objective is a station design that tangibly responds to its context and users.

Three key focus areas are:

  • Smooth and comfortable intermodal transfer – safe, legible and convenient connections between modes
  • Pleasant and meaningful user experience – landscape and urban design that delights
  • An asset at the heart of the community – a sense of place and belonging that enhances each town centre.