Cecil Avenue – Stage 1

Cecil Avenue – Stage 1

Project Details


2017 – Ongoing


Full Landscape Architectural Services


City of Canning


Canning, WA


Cecil Avenue plays a vital role in providing places for people in Canning City Centre. The street is not only a traffic corridor for cars and buses, and later for light rail, it is also the entry into the heart of the city centre and an iconic space for Canning. It is the heart-line for pedestrian activity and vitality of the city centre and the backbone of the public realm connecting the two squares, Carousel, the railway station, the parks via its side streets and it connects the city centre with the Canning River. The design of Cecil Avenue is therefore essential to the identity of the city centre.

The Concept Design for Cecil Avenue combines the traffic function with the pedestrian usage and two of the identity themes – Riverine Canning and Multicultural Canning. The design uses the civil road layout for Cecil Avenue as its basis. This road layout is modelled and designed to accommodate the required traffic flows and is a four-lane street, with additional turn-off lanes at each crossing. An innovative approach has been taken for the design of Cecil Avenue to ensure that it is a street with a character that prioritises city life over traffic movements.

City Spaces, Place Activation, Places to Live, Retail