Axford Park

Axford Park

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Axford Park


Place Making and Concept Design


City of Vincent


Mount Hawthorn

Axford Park is currently an underused triangle, sandwiched between an arterial road and a parking street. The City of Vincent commissioned PLACE Laboratory to develop a concept design and costing, enabling the City to gradually upgrade the park through small interventions, budget the larger capital works and steer the surrounding developments.


The park forms the missing link between two stretches of main streets that form the core of Mt Hawthorn’s town centre. The concept design turns this ‘left-over’ space into the centre of the town. Taking the family-friendly character of Mt Hawthorn as point of departure, Axford Park is developed as the ‘front yard’ of the town centre. The park experience is enlarged, by integrating the road reserve, removing blockages to open the views and turning the mature trees into real features. A flexible space of compacted gravel allows for events and markets, while turf and planting beds enhance the park atmosphere. The footpath, verge and bicycle lane along the arterial road are combined into a luxurious promenade. A verandah zone with alfresco activated the north side and a strategically located kiosk strengthens the link between the two main streets, both visually and in activation.



City Spaces, Place Activation